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First Time U-Picking? No Problem. Here are some helpful facts:

Do I need to bring my own box?


No, we provide suitable boxes depending on what you are picking. 

Are Dogs or Pets Allowed?


NO, they are not permitted on the farm. We try to keep our orchards and fields as clean and safe for human consumption as possible.  They are best left in the safety of your home. Please don't think about leaving your beloved pet parked in your hot car either.  

What Should We Wear?

Remember, its a farm! Farms have dirt and uneven ground. Wear clothing that you don't mind getting dirty.


Comfortable shoes---tennis shoes and work boots are great.  Heels.. not so much!



What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?


We accept cash (preferred) and credit card


What else to bring?


Don't forget your sunscreen and a hat if its sunny out. 

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